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Keeping deer out of gardens is one thing, but protecting trees from deer is entirely another. Tree cages or tree shelters are meant to keep deer from eating the top of the tree. There have been oak trees on our land perhaps 10 years old but only about three feet tall covered with nipped-off and dead branches. Six plots were established in 1990 to examine the effectiveness of 5 deer browsing protection devices for 5 tree species. Protective devices included plastic mesh sleeves (60-cm), Reemay (spunbonded polypropylene) sleeves (60-cm), Tubex tree shelters (120 and 180-cm), and Corrulite tree shelters (120-cm) to be compared to unprotected controls. Protect your Seedlings with an Electrified Barricade as a Final Line of Defense Against Slugs and Snails. When it comes to actually stopping these notorious garden pests in their tracks so they can’t reach your seedlings to damage them in the first place, you can depend on a DIY “electric” fence that will only zap slugs and snails.

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While fencing is the most expensive way to deter wildlife, it is also the most effective. The fence must be at least six to eight feet tall and tilted at an angle of 30 degrees, as deer are champion jumpers. Pour the concoction into a spray bottle. Apply the mixture to the deer’s favorite plants for added protection.

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The two most promising devices are a 4- to 6-inch diameter plastic tube with small mesh and a 12-inch diameter tube constructed of chicken wire. Protect your seedlings from cold weather or hard rain by cutting a plastic bottle and putting it on top of your plant. You could also buy glass ones but they are very expensive and they can break.

Protect seedlings from deer

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Protect seedlings from deer

Apply the mixture to the deer’s favorite plants for added protection. Herbs are also effective as a pest repellent. 7.

Protect seedlings from deer

Any planting failures were mostly due to my inexperience and deer predation. Beginning in 2008, I switched to larger 4-5 By now you should know exactly how to protect trees from deer.
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Protect seedlings from deer

Tree tubes protect seedlings from both forms of deer damage. We want deer to use our trees, but not until they start dropping fruit or … 2015-12-23 · Protect Pine Tree Seedlings from Deer Browsing with Paper Bud Caps. By: Bill Barnacle Brainerd Region Silviculturist Depredation by deer on planted and natural pine . tree seedlings can be a problem.

Wrap up your seedlings to protect them from deer and other animals; Use recordings of raccoon, bear, and other animal sounds to scare deer away; Build your own scarecrow to scare deer and other “unauthorized” animals away; Keep the area fully clean of trash and other materials deer may try to snack on The seedlings were placed in tree shelters to protect seedlings from deer browse and allow for spot herbicide applications to control competing vegetation. Seedling Care and Handling. Plant seedlings soon after they arrive, preferably within 24 hours and no more than one week. Marquis, David A. 1977.
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White-tailed deer are a popular species of wildlife in Minnesota. Hunters and wildlife watchers enjoy seeing deer on their property.