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Words that Start with a Long E Sound Go to Long E Activities: each Each child has a balloon. eagle The eagle is a large bird of prey. It has a hooked bill and sharp The long E sound appears in English words such as "meet", "read", and "key". It is important to pronounce it correctly. Otherwise people might think you are saying "fit" when you are actually saying "feet", for example.

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Choose words from the box to complete each sentence! Spelling Short and Long 'e' Sounds. 'e' in the middle of one syllable words makes a short e sound. left. next.

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The exceptions are noted in a separate table below. The ”ee” spelling words and “ea” spelling words” make the long e sound. The long e (long e) and short a (short a) are both forward vowel sounds and they are shown on the left hand side of the diagram. We create these sounds using the front of the tongue.

E long sound

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E long sound

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E long sound

The ”ee” spelling words and “ea” spelling words” make the long e sound. Long A sound is AY as in cake. Long E sound is EE an in sheet. Long I sound is AHY as in like.
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E long sound

This will improve An ideal video to teach kids how to make the "short e sound". 2020-08-15 The long E sound appears in English words such as "meet", "read", and "key".

5. 4. ie.
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